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Yes, That is my real name. It is a legal name change and was done in 1998. Everyone calls me 'Lefty' It started out as a screen name and I decided to change it because people told me I couldn't have a name like that. I have never been a conformist. Don't bother asking me what it was before the name change, as I'm not going to tell you. There was a neat article written about me in the New Yorker Magazine, and I took 11th place in the 2007 Name of the Year Tournament.

I am a 7th generation native New Yorker and I live on The Upper East Side which is a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.

I am also known as The Social Network Meister.

There is a guy using Wordpress as Leftonred, it is NOT me.


Left On Red
There is also a cool Girls group named Left On Red.  I am obviously not them.  They sound really really good, as I've seen video of them playing,  and I'm waiting to randomly run into them,  as they Busk in the NYC Transit system,  and tell them how cool they are.

There used to be a Ska group down South,  I don't know if they are still around,  that plays as Leftonred.  I did not play with them, but thought about auditioning as their Air Drummer. They've been around a lot longer than the girls,  but not as long as me :)


Lefton Red
There is something called Lefton and it comes in the color Red, as well as other colors.  It's ceramic and looks like it could have been around for longer than all of us,  including you.

Can you make a Left On Red in the United States? Apparently, you can.

I started using the screen name around 1996.  Some Bozo from a Tech Seminar registration office told me I couldn't have a name like that when I registered for one of their events.  I told him "Yes I can!"  And changed it soon after that.

It's not that creative a name.  If I could think of it,  anybody else could as well.


Metrocard Goes In The NYC Bus This Way
Guide to Getting Around New York City
This is great for every Tourist visiting New York City and can be very helpful to the Natives as well.

New York City Events & Activities These links are also great for Tourists and especially Natives.

Click on some of the links below to find out more about Lefty.

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I own a Technology Consulting firm named
Middle Earth Media. I service businesses and individuals.



I belong to almost every Social Networking site and am very active with Meetup where I Organize nine groups and belong to 100's.



I play a lot of Ping Pong. I run Tea Tours. I indulge in many aspects of the Japanese Culture (Sake, Food & Origami.) I drink fine Wines & Spirits.
I visit Museums & Art Galleries. I photograph as much of it as I can.



Places I visit frequently including a link to some things I find humorous.


Here are all my other websites. They are all hosted on the above web host at the top of the page. I pay for the hosting of one domain and can add as many domains and email addresses as I want for free. If you purchase hosting using the link above, I will help you set it up for free and give you a discount on web design. I have been using them without problems for over 15 years. They are great...And I'm a really picky IT consultant :)


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Table Tennis or Ping Pong

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