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It used to be that when someone said the word Networks, people would think of Computer Networks with lots of wire connecting computers to each other. Now the term is used to describe groups that an individual or a business belong to. Many are computer based or virtual meaning no real life interaction, or Face to Face meetings happen. Some are mainly Face to Face. I belong to many in both catagories. Following are the links to some of my profiles or to the organizations themselves.

Computer User Groups

I am a Board Member of NYPC

Founder of LIPHUG

Member of NYCWireless

Member of ICON PC User Group

Member of LIPCUG

Member of LILUG

Face to Face Meetings

Meetup - I'm extremely active with Meetup and have been since 2001. I have belonged to 1000's of different Meetups and am currently a Member of over 260 groups, Organizing nine of them and Assistant Organizing three of them.

Meetup Groups I Organize:

NYC Beer Enthusiasts
NYC Sake Enthusiasts
NYC Whisky Enthusiasts
NYC Ping Pong
Queens Ping Pong
NYC Tea Tour
NYC Coffee Lovers
Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Photo 101

Meetup Groups I Assistant Organize:

The Leftonred and Greene Meetup Group
The New York Tea Meetup Group

Other Social Groups:


The Lunch Club

Visit AdGabber


Yahoo Groups

Click here to join nycmoviefans
Click to join nycmoviefans



Where's Lefty - My first Blog reviewing some of the social events I attend. This Blog is very outdated as I just don't have time to maintain it.

Social Networking Sites


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Digsby - This is similar to Trillian, only much better.


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