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Getting Around New York City

When visiting, or even if you live in NYC, here are some guidelines that will help your getting around a little more enjoyable.

  1. Keep your car at home. We have an excellent Mass Transit System.

  2. Walking Good! Walking Good! Driving Bad Driving Bad

  3. When walking, stay to the Right on Sidewalks, Subway Platforms, Stairs & Escalators.

  4. Let people off of the Subway Cars and Elevators before entering.

  5. The Buses only take a MetroCard, or coins (nickels, dimes, quarters & dollar coins) and NOT paper currency. If using coins, remember to get a transfer, even if you don't think you will use it, give it away to someone who can.

  6. On a Bus, the MetroCard can only be dipped into the machine in one direction. Like this: Dip Your Metrocard Into the Bus Like This

  7. When getting off a Bus, please use the back door.

  8. If you are not sure, ask a Local, sometimes they know.

  9. If you are visiting for any length of time, even a day, consider purchasing an unlimited MetroCard.

Enjoy! - Client 9 In Room 871

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