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Japanese Culture & Food

I've recently founded the Sake Collective It is still a work in progress and needs some serious Web page redesign.

I went to Sakagura on October 1 (Sake Day) to help break open a Cask. Nihonshu no Hi

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The New York Sake Meetup Group Which I Organize!


On Sunday, March 19th, Lenny's Garage hosted a benefit for the Brooklyn Free School.
Lenny's Garage

The NYC MTA rolls out Vintage Subway Cars and Buses every year in December. I was able to grab one of the Subway cars on Sunday, December 19th 2010.


Renaissance at the River2River Fest - Rockefeller Park, NY, NY June 23rd, 2010

Renaissance 062310

Boy, I'm Glad I Had A Camera! Now we know why the Hare lost to the Turtle.

The Big Apples

City Hall Park to Red Hook Walk

Madison Square Park to Brooklyn Heights Walk

How many people can say their local 7-11 turned into a Kwik E Mart?

Kwik E Mart

I thought this was going to be a farewell to Coney Island. It looks like it will be back for the 2008 season.

Here's where the best Pizza in New York (and maybe the world) is made. It is a Pizzeria named Di Fara's.DiFara's Pizzaria I stopped in after my visit to Coney Island (above) to order my pie. Here are some pics of Domenico at work.

During the month of December 2007 on Sundays, the MTA rolls out Vintage Subway Cars on the V line. MTA Vintage Subway Car

I also rode the above train on Sunday, December 30th just to take pictures of the Ads. Maybe I should start wearing a Hat!

Vintage Subway Train Ad

Earth Day 38 Years Later A Tree Grows in Queens

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. On that day we planted a tree in front of my Elementary School. I went back 38 years later and took pictures of that tree (not really sure which one it was,) and strolled around the old neighborhood and took some more pics.

Ranger Guided Tour of Central Park

Was hanging out with Timothy Busfield at a bar on my birthday. Really nice guy. The Droid camera is good in sunlight, but sucks indoors. Sorry. And I don't know who the other guy is.  


The science fiction, fantasy, horror, comic books, Japanese animation (otherwise known as Anime), medieval reenactment, science and technology convention.

DVD Collecting

Duplicate DVDs I have for sale

Ping Pong


My friend David took these pics of me playing Ping Pong.

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The Queens Ping Pong Superstars!

NYC Ping Pong

Origami - This stuff is hot! Hot like Salsa Picante de Funky Na Na.

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The OMG NYC (Origami Meetup Group! NYC)!

I'm an active member of the Origami Meetup Group (OMG) and belong to Origami USA

Read my review of the Free Apple Apps for Origami


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The Tea Tour NY!

I Organize the Tea-Tour NY Meetup Group

I led a March Thru The Village Tea Buy on March 7, 2009 March Thru The Village Tea Buy Group Shot We walked through the East, West & Greenwich Village areas of New York City and bought Tea from six different shops.

I help Organize the Twisted Stitches Knitting Meetup Group that is sponsored by Seaport Yarn.

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The Twisted Stitches Meetup Group!


I attended the NXNYC Twitter party at Art Bar on March 16, 2009 NXNYC

Pig Wrangling

One of my clients needed a pig wrangled for a press conference. I had a little fun in my apartment while training it before it went into action. Warning! Some material might be offensive to pig lovers. (No animals were harmed during the filming.)